Can i pass values via url params or in the POST body when accessing a ProcessMaker Script as an api endpoint? - processmaker

I recently discovered I could configure a script in ProcessMaker 4 to be accessed directly using a GET or POST request. I do not see anything in the documentation about passing in data. Is it possible to pass in some data via url params or the post body to be used in the script? If so, how do I access that data within a PHP script?
Example request:
Example script:
$userName = $data['username'];
// do something with the userName


How to pass dynamic value to JSON as a API request in flutter flow?

I have two page
Login/Registration Page as of now
OTP Verification Page
API has been created and in api, we are passing phone number as request and gets otp as response. However i would like your help to know how should i able to pass the phoneNumber textfield data to APIcall json request in flutterflow?
If there is anyway or any documentation will be really helpful?
I have tried with variable method, however i was not able to pass it to json.
I have also tried jsonpath method, but no luck.
Define dynamic part of API url with brackets[postId][postId]
then create the variable (postId) with the same name. When adding the API call, it is required to add these variables.
See API Calls 101 for details.

How to pass the additional parameter of slash command to jenkins job

Let's say I want to create a slash command with the flexibility to define the component as tag name which will be used for deployment.
eg: /dev-deploy comments v1.0.0
I have added the slash command as well as set the parameterized URL in
All the other commands data is present in JSON object how can I access that data and pass it as a parameter to shell script which is executed when the build is triggered.
The slash command from Slack is sending a POST request to your URL. This request contains a property named text, which in your example would be "comments v1.0.0". To extract the tag you would need to parse it.
I would recommend to use some simple script (e.g. PHP) to receive the POST request, parse it (maybe also do some security checks) and then start the job with a shell command.
I am not sure what JSON object you are referring to. The slash command does not send any JSON. So maybe your question is missing some vital information? If so please add.
Here is an example of the POST request (from the official Slack documentation):

Constructing an HTTP POST request using Curl and Postman

I have been using curl & Postman on Chrome to send http POST requests with one variable to an simple HTTP server I have running and I have noticed that they construct the requests slightly differently. Apologies if I might have used any incorrect terminology in constructing the question - I'm still learning this stuff.
Using Postman, the request is constructed by putting a '?' between the resource name and the variable. E.g.
However, the following curl command:
curl -X POST --data a=b
does not put a '?' between the resource name and the variable.
The result is that the HTTP server interprets the requests differently.
In the first case, the body of the request is empty and in the second case the body contains a=b.
Which version is correct?
Constructing curl , python request , using HTTP POST
Open postman client and click on code [Below save button ] refer snapshot .
when click on code another window appears . refer snapshot .
similarly you can generate various other request [curl , python ,java , php ] refer snapshot
You can refer below link
POST requests post data as part of the request body and GET requests via URL parameters. If you choose the form data option in postman you can pass it the same way (request body) in postman as well. How are parameters sent in an HTTP POST request? may be worth reading.

get GET request in Golang on fcgi

I run my scripts under Apache. I understand how I can create request, for example:
How I can get GET request? I really dont see this information in docs. Thanks in advance!
For example, i do GET or POST-request to my go script from another script. In PHP I'd just write $a=$_GET["param"]. How i can do that in Go? Sorry for bad english, by the way
Your handler is passed a Request. In that Request you find for example the parameters in the Form field as soon as you parsed it using ParseForm :
// Form contains the parsed form data, including both the URL
// field's query parameters and the POST or PUT form data.
// This field is only available after ParseForm is called.
// The HTTP client ignores Form and uses Body instead.
Form url.Values

How to POST JSON in body for functional tests in Symfony 1.4

I'm writing some functional tests for a POST API endpoint. I've reviewed the documentation and can't find a way to add content to the POST body. The post method for sfBrowser:
post('some url',array('x'=>'y'))
Only creates POST parameters (in this case x=y). Is there anyway of adding content to the post body using sfBrowser?
From what I have found here, here and here, the POST format takes parameter:value format, so you can send your JSON with some code like:
post('some url', array('json_data' => json_encode($toJson))
and then decode in your action with
$jsonObj = json_decode($request->getParameter('json_data'));
but you need to associate your JSON data with a parameter name in your POST to retrieve it on the server side.
As a side note, after looking at the Symfony code, the parameters are given straight to $_POST except for CSRF, which is tweaked.