filter(Importrange) with filter condition on value of cell and not a direct value - google-sheets

Got stuck on this GSheets problem for a while.
My formula is working using direct value of a cell :
But not working using reference of the cell C2 :
not working2
Parts in black are the same between the two pictures.
I tried working around "VALUE()" of the cell but not working too :
not working

From your screenshots it looks like the numbers maybe text-based in your source sheet(from where you are importing)
1.check on the numbers in your source sheet using ISNUMBER()
2.use this formula in your destination sheet & see how it goes
=filter([importrange(x)]; [importrange(x)] = TO_TEXT(C1))


How do I edit my code to search an entire column instead of the cell on the same row?

I have this code:
But the problem is that it’s not searching B:B, it’s searching B1(or whatever row it’s on). Is there a way to make this search all of B:B? I tried FIND too, and that didn’t work.
Here’s a photo recreation.

How to achieve similar layout to 365 Scores app in Swift? (Screenshot included)

I tried to achieve the below layout with a single tableviewbut failed.
The structure of the below screenshot is as follows:
Date (Today):
My subscribed lists (My Teams & Games):
League name:
Actual match (Looks like a Tableview cell)
Please note that each level of the structure is dynamic in count depending on the matches of the day.
I tried implementing this with a tableview but couldn't figure out how to create nested sections. For example, at the top level I tried to make the sections headerView to represent the date but then I was forced to make the rest of the strucure inside a cell which is not the case for the app in the screenshot.
I am assuming the actual matches are the tableview cells since they are the ones that are swipe-able?
Please help me with some ideas.
There are various ways to approach this... here are just two ideas:
As was mentioned in the comments on your other question - you really need to start working on it. If you run into specific problems, come back here with specific questions.

Referencing cell value in formula vs cell address (for output like =FORMULATEXT()

I created a sheet that outlines what I'm looking for help on, would be so grateful for any help
I basically want the output that =FORMULATEXT() gives but I want to reference the values inside the cell vs the cell address. What's the easiest way to do it?
values inside the cell vs the cell address
based on my understanding.. this is what you r looking for.. just replace FORMULATEXT() cell address for the next use..
Please share if it works/not/understandable. ( :

Locking formula values in google sheets

I'm trying to make a google sheet for calculating my net income over a set period of time. I have all the things but one thing figured out. That one thing being, I don't know how to lock a value in a formula to make it say the same for when I select and copy the cell formula to other cells. I'm very new to google sheets (and any form of excel) so I don't have much idea as for what I'm doing. Some help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance. If my question wasn't very clear or needs rewording please let me know and I will work to correct whatever it is that is unclear.
So I've been doing some searching and working on the sheet, and I've decided to drop one of the things I was going to do because it didn't make much sense. So now the situation is that I need to have a value change dynamically as I continue to add more rows. What I'm trying to do now is have the cell formula change to add together the cell, say B3, and the cell above it, B2, and have that stored on another cell. I don't really know how to go about doing this, so any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry for the sudden change.
Based on your edited statement with ...need to have a value *change dynamically* as I continue to add more rows. What I'm trying to do now is have the cell formula change to add together the cell, say B3, and the cell above it, B2, and have that stored on another cell, I suppose this is what is your goal (feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken) :
Used =SUM($B$2:B) on cell C2:
If you want to just copy the value and paste, I believe that is CTL+SHFT+v. If you want to copy the formula and paste it so that it refers to the same cells when it's copied, then you need to change the references so that they are static. For instance, if the formula refers to A1 and you copy it one column over it will change to A2, and if you copy it one column over and one row down it will change to B2. If the formula refers to $A$1, it will always refer to A1. You can do this manually, or you can highlight the cell reference and press F4 to change it to a static reference.
Hope I understood the problem correctly.

How to determine if a cell has an image using google sheet formula

How can I use a google sheet formula to determine whether a cell contains an image? I don't mean cells that have formulas such as =image(url), but rather cells that have just an image imbedded in the cell.
I've tried many things (=isText(), =isNumber() =isFormula(), =isNA(), =isURL(), =isBlank(), =isNonText()), but the closest I've been able to come up with is to combine isNumber() and isNonText() within an XOR(). However, as shown in the animated .gif (where A1 is a blank cell), this doesn't distinguish a cell containing an image from a blank cell.
this may work:
but note that you would need to use all possible states to really make sure