How to use in the genexus project? -

I want to use to implement scheduled tasks in the genexus project. How do I do this? I downloaded the compressed package from the Internet. What should I do next?
Download compressed package from this website:

To work with .net libraries, you need to import with tools/application integration/import .net assemblies, and for java, need tools/application integration/import java classes.


How to generate the Java classes for WSDL file in Hybris?

As a part of a requirement, I am supposed to consume a Soap web service, the WSDL of the web service is available to me.
I implemented it by generating the classes using auto generating tools like wsimport.But I was curious whether there are better ways of doing this in Hybris, for instance by including the task in ant to generate these classes automatically. How to achieve this?
Hybris working on spring framework, so I prefer using spring related libraries for SOAP client.
On the other hand hybris wake up time very long for developing/debugging web services. I prefer again creating independent jar library with same hybris spring version for service with shared interface with hybris. Generally integrations needs change by time. It is easy to only update this jar file. Also you can create mock jar for test environment with same interface.

How do I configure fortify so that it scans even C# code?

Using HP fortify I am able to scan java and C code files but C# files are not getting scanned. Does anyone know what is the reason for this? Is there a configuration in fortify that makes it scan C# files? Please help. Thanks in advance
Fortify SCA works on the Common Intermediate Language (CIL), and therefore supports all of the .NET languages that compile to CIL, including C# and VB .NET.
The easiest way to analyze a .NET application is to use the "HPE Security Fortify Package for Visual Studio", which automates the process of gathering information about the project.

F#, Import library, Visual Studio, offline. How?? Stanford NLP

F#/ Visual studio pros, please help!
How to import libraries? Please just give me an example. How about
For Java I have tried to install thisbut didn't work.
It looks like you're trying to use the Stanford NLP libraries, these are available on NuGet and can be installed by right clicking on the project and selecting manage nuget packages. From there it's possible to add the references to the project. The .nuspec files which you've referenced in your project are for packaging up the libraries. So in your case, the nuspec filenames will be the thing that you search for in Nuget.
The Nuget website offers a guide for how to install packages here
.NET (which F# uses) and the JVM (which Java) uses are both managed code environments with many of the same capabilities.
But that are mutually incompatible.
While 3rd party tools might be able to bridge that gap (for at least simpler cases) there will be far more work to do that just referencing a .jar in Visual Studio.
Almost certainly better to use an equivalent .NET package (for IO look at the System.IO namespace (the necessary .NET assemblies should already be referenced).

How to integrate an application using dependencies on a build server?

I would like to activate continuous integration for a Prism application on a TFS build server. Actually the build controller is not able to compile the application because it does not have the Prism Library. Prism is registered in my Visual Studio on my developing machine and the project simply reference it. I was wondering if I should checkin the library within the project or should I install the library on the build server.
So what practice do you use to integrate application using dependencies on a build server?
In general, checking in the necessary Libs provides you with the advantage that setting up a new build controller requires less time.
We use a mixed approach on the matter:
- log4net, Rhino, NHibernate etc reside on a shared Dir within the source control
- Other packages that require setup and/or licensing (Infragistics, NCover etc) are installed on the build controller
I have only very basic knowledge on Prism, by 'Prism lib' do you actually mean the 5 Microsoft libraries
If yes, we would have placed them definitely within the source control
I finally opted for a solution based on pantelif idea.
Instead of manually checking in and managing depedencies manually, I used NuGet to reference packages. Firstly it is perfectly suitable for source control as it checks-out any file required to build the project. Secondly it supports easy updates of the libraries.
Thanks for your help.


We use cruise control .net to do our Continuous Integration in our Delphi 2006 application. We use a setup similar to the one described here.
1) What is the best scripting tool/language to use implement the build script?
2) Are there any advantages of using WANT over using NANT?
(NOTE: D2006 is not compatible with MSBuild)
I never used WANT, but NANT works fine with any Delphi version. I presume NANT is also better supported and has more features you can use since it is used more widely then WANT.
BTW: You can still use MSBuild and call dcc32 if you want. In that way it is the same as NANT. If you move to Delphi 2007 MSBuild has a bigger advantage over NANT since the Delphi projects are in the MSBuild format. But even then you can still use NANT as a buildscript. It will just call out to MSBuild to do the separate builds.
Another build tool that is worth checking out is FinalBuilder. It is very complete and knows Delphi. It should, since it is build using Delphi. They also offer a CruiseControl like Continuous Integration solution. The drawback is that FinalBuilder is not free.
Only couple of days back I managed to implement a complex NANT scripts to compile our projects (which uses d7-2009 compilers, VC++ 2005 and subversion). It was very easy to setup and work when used with NantGui .Unlike MSBuild you dont have to have certain version of .NET installed in your system.
For compiling the projects using dcc32, have a look at the delphi3000 article
I used XSL to generate the Cruisecontrol project file automatically. We had a large project with many Delphi applications which already used a common Ant script. So generating the CC project file using a script was a natural solution.
Another Continuous Integration solution which works with Ant (and many others) is TeamCity. It is free up to a certain number of build agents / projects. The user interface is awesome.
I successfully use Ant for many years now for all kinds of Delphi projects, from small component libraries to multi-project multi-tier applications.