VSTACK google sheets function doesn't work - google-sheets

Suddently, the Google Sheets functions VSTACK and HSTACK don't work any more.
Any Idea why? I'm in Colombia right know and the google account that I use is in Spanish. But I used to use those functions, even they have google documentation.
The following is the sheets fuction that I used:


Google Sheet: Get Data from NSE website to Google spreadsheet

I want to import data i.e. Issued Cap. and Free Float Market Cap. from this website:
Edit: 11-Jun-2022
in Company information sector to a Google sheet.
I have tried Importhtml, Importdata and Importxml...but they all give an error or return #N/A.
Any suggestions would help greatly.
import formulae of google sheets do not support the scrapping of JS elements. you can always test this by disabling JS on a given site and usually, what's left can be imported into a spreadsheet. in your case fields are blank:

I need to integrate Google cloud translation API to google sheets using macros

I Cant find any workable solution. Can anyone help? Need to make translate from 1st sheet in one doc to the second. About 60.000 changeable rows.
You can use the Google Translate function directly in your sheet
If you want more advanced/customized calls, I recently wrote an article where I use the current user credential and I call a Google Cloud API (not the translate, but the principle is the same)

Is it possible to add a blank sheet to a google spreadsheet using sheets.spreadsheets v4?

The current api is https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/reference/rest/v4/spreadsheets.sheets/copyTo
This is a workaround because I have to first copy an existing sheet and then clear its content before making any use of it.
Google App Script has InsertSheet and it is missing in sheets v4 api.
Why would Google team decide not to do such a simple one?
Well, it was not straight forward.
However the answer is in batchUpdate for Sheet Operations

How to scrape an income statement from Yahoo Finance into google sheets

I'm trying to scrape an income statement for Apple (AAPL) into google sheets
First off I'd like to say I'm new to using anything technical or function related for computers so sorry if its a dumb question but I'm aware sheets has built in import functions for web data and I tried using the IMPORTXML function and I couldn't find the right xpath for the whole income statement
So my questions are
Which Import function would be best for scraping the income statement into sheets
Whichever function is the best how can I do it.
Would I repeat the steps that you show me if I wanted to scrape the balance sheet and cash flow as well
Thank you for your time
It seems that you are trying to fetch dynamically generated data in the link you've provided. Import functions cannot be used or cannot function properly in dynamically generated data as well as in websites which data are being controlled by JavaScript.
I suggest finding another link or website that will provide you with the same data and can be fetched through IMPORT functions by taking into consideration the mentioned limitations above.

is it possible to create a view of data from a different google sheet?

I want to build a google sheet view , I thought since the data is already available in other google sheet for different purpose, would it be possible to pick up specific data from the sheet it exist to different google sheet.
You mean sheets in single spreadsheet or different spreadsheet?
If sheets, then you can take a range using curly brackets
If spreadsheets then you can use importrange formula
=importrange("url of the spreadsheet","sheet1!A1:C100")
Is this what you are looking for?