CocoPods missing in AUplug in example AudioKit Pro - audiokit

im trying to run the AU plugin AudioKit Pro example and the
cocoPods are missing. I can't seem find them on the AudioKit pro github page either.
Using latest Mac OS and latest Xcode.
I downloaded the AU plug in example from AudioKit Pro GitHub, and obviously forgot to down load the coco pods.


Unable to generate iOS app archive of Flutter app, Always facing some module missing issue

I'm facing a few issues when generating an iOS archive on my Mac Mini M1. In one project, it gives me an error for "camera avfoundation" and in another project, it gives "cloud_firestor," as mentioned in the following screenshots. But it's working fine on a MacBook Pro with an Intel chip. I am using the same code base on both the machines.
XCode Error:
Using this package:
camera: ^0.10.0+1
Another project :
Using the following packages for another project:
firebase_core: ^2.3.0
firebase_auth: ^4.1.5
firebase_storage: ^11.0.6
cloud_firestore: ^4.1.0
Xcode version : 14.2 (Same on both machines)
OS version: 12.5 (Same on both machines)
Xcode Info : Open using Rosetta
Anyone facing this kind of issue when generating archive from Flutter project?
I tried almost all the related solution found on StackOverflow and Github. But no luck so far.
Uninstalled and reinstalled pods
Removed pod cache
Regenerated & reconfigure iOS project
Installed Rosetta related stuff

Not able to run my app on Simulator which using Agora iOS SDK

I am building an iOS application which is using Agora iOS SDK pod 'AgoraRtcEngine_iOS' version 3.3.2
When I run application using real device it is working fine. But when I build application using simulator it gives an error:
Framework not found AgoraAIDenoiseExtension
My laptop has Apple M1 chip and OS Big Sur version 11.2
Please help!
I solved this issue by adding AgoraAIDenoiseExtension.xcframework file in Frameworks and Libraries
Steps to follow:
Select your project
Go to General Tab
Go to Frameworks and Libraries and click on + button.
Add respective framework files
Clean and Run your project
I see that you've solved it with a temporary fix Dalijeet, but another solution would be to use swift package manager here:

Error building the application iOS using QtCreator

Good day.
I'm trying to use Qt to develop an application for iOS.
I using macOS Mojave 10.14.5 and xCode 10.2.1 (installing from the AppStore).
Qt Creator - version 4.7.2 & qt - version 5.11.2 (also i tryed use Qt Creator - version 4.9.1 & qt - version 5.12.3). I create simple application "Qt Widget", and trying build his. I get the only error:
error: [xcodebuild-debug-simulator] Error 64
I inspect my kits and virtual devices, but they configured correctly:
Also, I can start any virtual device and it loading successful:
Why appears this error? Thank.
P.S. sorry, possibly my English language not quite correctly.
P. S. S. :I install macOS on VMware Workstation 15.
I created simple app from Xcode, and app is running successful.
I compile app in Qt Creator, but I run app from xcode, and app started successful. There were complaints about Bundle version
and Bundle version string short, I corrected them in the file Info.plist.

Unity 2017.2 version with ARkit is not building with Xcode 9.1

I have downloaded latest version of Unity 3D for Mac ( 2017.2)and imported the latest version of the ARKIT from the below location It is able to successfully build the unity package for iOS however in Xcode when we tried to build and run it gives lot of error msgs like Use of undeclared identifier "ARSession configuration". Similarly lot of compatibility errors are coming. Can some one let me know if Unity be used with latest version of Xcode.
Attached the screenshot for your reference.

how to do Good SDK 3.1.0 integration with Xcode 8.3.2?

I have installed xcode v8.3.2 and trying to integrate good sdk v3.1.0, but I am unable to do so. When I went through release notes I found that this latest version will not support to Xcode 8.3 and later versions. But one of my colleagues is able to use the latest version of good sdk with Xcode 8.3.1 without any issue. How can we resolve this?
As you need to install Xcode and good sdk in the applications folder on the system.This is the way it worked for me.